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Global warming/climate change is the most pressing moral, ethical, and survival issue of our time. 


                                                                               WHAT CAN WE DO?



1.      Inform yourself with reliable, peer-reviewed sources

*  Skeptical Science   [link]

*  Citizens’ Climate Education   [link]

*  The Climate Portal   [link]


2.      Let your elected officials know you are concerned about climate change and

      expect action for a livable world.

                        *  Contact your Representative in Congress   [link]

                        *  Contact the NJ League of Women Voters   [link]

                        *  Citizens Climate Lobby   [link]


3.       Talk about climate change with friends and family, and listen to their concerns too.


4.        Connect the dots between climate change and, among others:    

*  Necessities of life! For example  [link1] & [link2]

*  Social justice issues, such as world hunger, with the

    most vulnerable affected first and most severely. C.f., [link]

*  Economic stability;  for example   [link]

*  National security; for example   [link]


5.       Address the issue  in your house of worship and/or civic groups--help fellow members see

             the connections between climate change and justice, health, peace, human rights.

             We need all the voices AND we need to make those connections.


6.      See how you might improve energy efficiency and usage in your own life.  Many “carbon footprint” calculators

             are on-line, for example, at the Nature Conservancy: [link]


7.      Support or become active in local groups addressing the climate challenge,

             such as the Monmouth Community Climate Coalition.