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A Brief History:

The Monmouth Community Climate Coalition, a group of multi-faith, civic and environmental organizations, was started in 2016 by a group of Monmouth County community members who wanted to act locally on the global issue of climate change. Even prior to naming the new organization, we held a candlelight vigil in the fall of 2015 for an ambitious and just global climate agreement at the UN talks in Paris. The group also sponsored a screening of the documentary Merchants of Doubt about climate change disinformation here again thanks to the hospitality of the First Presbyterian Church of Rumson.


Founding member Lynn Dash said, “Climate change, or climate disruption, is increasingly being seen as much more than an environmental issue. It affects the very basics of life such as shelter, food and water, and is a ‘threat multiplier’ for violent conflicts over increasingly scarce resources.” Fellow founding member Diane Burke added, “The new coalition recognizes the broad and unjust impacts of climate change and the moral imperative to act.”