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What's Happening Now ?


    "Climate Refugees"   - at 7 PM on Nov 2, 2017     (CRUUC

          An MC3-sponsored film (in Lincroft) exploring the humane and national   

           security consequences for human impacts on world climate   

 "Chasing Coral" - a film at 6 PM on Oct 15, 2017     (CCUUC

          Visually documenting our beautiful underwater reef

          environments and how human activities are destroying them.


     "Drawdown" - a webinar on Climate Solutions

          with Paul Hawken     (DD_PH


       Locally Promoting Wind & Solar Power Sources


       Working with Local Governments to Reduce

           Greenhouse Gas Emissions




What's Been Happening ?

  Climate Protection & Awareness activities that MC3 has supported:


      Non-Violent Communication Training WorkShop   - May 2017 -   (NVC_WS

      Before the Flood, a film and climate discussion   - Feb 2017 -   (BTF_HCC

      A Climate Night at Two River Theater   - Jan 2017 -    (CNTRT

      Michael Dowd on Science & Faith & Climate   - June 2016 -    (MD_SFC